We design and manufacture solutions for you! Walden offers complete production solutions in the area of Factory Automation expert with a team of engineers and as a consultant for friction industrial. we can also draw on extensive experience, incl. relevant specialist publications. As a manufacturer of special-purpose machinery and a provider of fully automatic assembly and production systems, Walden can bring its decades of experience to bear as a manufacturer of customer-specific solutions. Walden provides support in the planning and implementation of complex and customer-specific friction product constructions in the area of special-purpose machinery. gives all of us a wide range of applications for the development of customer-specific assembly and production lines.

Our Range of Services in the Area of Special Solutions for Friction Business

  • Factory Spesific Solutions and Special Presses

  • Planning of Friction Materials Production Facilities

  • Engineering Know & How and Automation Solutions

  • Advice on Your Planning Tasks

  • Planning and Construction of All Production Lines

  • Integration of New Technologies and Automation into Existing Systems.