Hot Presses


Our hot presses are hydraulic or electric driven custom made systems. They are used for molding and primary curing of powder as well as resin-impregnated friction lining materials such as brake pads and clutches at high temperatures and long pressing times. The various types of systems are based on the required annual production capacity on the one hand and flexibility requirements on the other. All systems are highly automated to ensure consistent and repeatable product quality. Thanks to continuously optimized procedures, we offer our customers advanced solutions for automated system concepts.

Cold Presses


Hot and cold presses are Customized systems with different designs for the production of green bodies for Brake pads made of powder as well as resin-impregnated friction lining materials. However, unlike hot presses, only shaping takes place, which ensures very short processing times. A distinction is made between cold pressing (ambient temperature) and hot pressing (maximum 100 ° C).

Warm Presses


The actual Curing process is performed in both methods in a downstream furnace. The press itself is made by hydraulic presses in product-specific and heatable molds. The various types of systems are based on the one hand batch size and flexibility requirements for the machine. Regardless of this, all our systems provide consistent and reproducible product quality with high degrees of automation.

Modular Presses


Walden Modular Presses are developed and produced according to the requirements of our customers' R&D departments. We offer modular presses for all production machines and procedures that can be used in product development. All process-related production steps follow the same steps on production machines. Therefore, modular presses can be integrated directly into production facilities with specified process parameters.