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Walden Mechatronics

Qualified Communication

As Walden, we know that customer satisfaction and quality business management go through good and efficient communication. We provide effective and qualified communication with our virtual exchange network that we have established with this awareness.

Perfect Timing

We are aware of the weight of the saying `` Time is money '', we act in an understanding of developing fast solutions and efficient time management in accordance with our working mechanism that complies with this.

High Technical Capability

As a result of the harmonious and hierarchical structure we have created with the talented members of our expert and well-established staff, each of them is one of the best in their field, we provide a near-perfect working environment.

System Integration

The fact that we act with the necessity of being an innovative company that follows the latest developments, has young managers and is an innovative company, commits that all systems can work in an integrated manner.



Walden Mekatronik is located in İzmir İTOB Organized Industrial Zone, producing high technology automation systems with dozens of experienced personnel and technical - administrative managers in a closed area of ​​approximately 1000 square meters. Her location at the intersection of Turkey's import and export routes, international trade routes, turns Turkey's largest free trade zone and port logistics advantages of being close to a deal.



In our factory, where we have the opportunity to make functional and modular production with our wide production area capacity and expert staff, we ensure the fastest production of standard machines that meet all the needs of our customers. In addition, we produce machines that have not been made yet, but are very logical to do, based on the guidance of our R&D experts and the special requests of our customers.



By combining the logistic infrastructure facilities required for our production capacity to reach every corner of the world with the advantages of our location; We show high sensitivity in the transportation, loading, fixing and shipping of the high-dimensional machines we produce. We have established a logistics system that is even above our production capacity with the infrastructure we have established so that the machines we produce reach every point of the world with the fast, safe and wide transportation network.

Process Management Elements

Cloud Technology

We use cloud systems for our business management mechanisms to work fast.

Hierarchical Working Structure

The harmonic way of working and hierarchy within our expert team increases our workforce.

Time Oriented Work

We react in the fastest way, aware that every project and application competes with time.

Expert Technical Support

We are always with the customers with our qualified technical support team before and after the project.

Sample Workmanship

With the awareness of making exemplary works, we are working to make projects that are pointed to the finger in the sector.

Continuous Innovation

We keep up with the working disciplines required by the ever-changing and developing technology.

Our Projects


Walden Mechatronics, we have marketed products and services to many corporate and well-established references around the world. You can see some of our productions below and view all of them from the Gallery section. Contact us now to be one of our references!




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